Helping organisations communicate better.

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    My business and what I do

    I'm Tom Perryman, an Amsterdam-based, native English-speaking communications consultant. I write. I edit. I advise. And I write some more.


    I have over 20 years' experience in corporate and non-for profit communications. I've advised CEOs of multinationals, leaders of international organisations and politicians.


    I now help organisations large and small tell their story.


    Keep scrolling to learn more about what I do and how I can help you.

  • Compelling


    You name it. I write it.


    I draft and craft press releases, website text, articles, executive op/eds, company narratives, blogs, annual and other reports, interviews, social media content, newsletters, staff emails, investor communications.



    You write it. I proof it.


    The art of editing is about far more than spotting grammatical or factual errors alone. I enrich your text, ensuring style and tone are clear and consistent throughout.





    You say it. I draft it.

    Public speaking can make or break the reputations of individuals and corporations alike. Whether it's a keynote speech, talking points, PowerPoint or video script, I tailor your message to the audience and advise on delivery.



    U schrijft het. I improve it.


    Het schrijven in het Engels gaat bijna vanzelf voor veel Nederlanders. Maar overtuigend, helder en foutloos engelstalige bedrijfscommunicatie is een ander verhaal. So wave goodbye to Dunglish, and say hello to truly professional English.

  • My expertise & experience.


    I've supported some great brands and great people across a number of sectors, including:

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    Multinational companies

    Inspiring global audiences

    Connecting with multiple publics in multiple locations poses multiple challenges. I frame messages that work across borders & channels.

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    SMEs and start-ups

    Small businesses, big ambitions

    Large companies don't have a monopoly on great narratives. I help smaller companies showcase how they're innovating, growing and disrupting.

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    Financial services

    Making investor relations relatable

    The days of formulaic media releases and bland quarterly calls are thankfully largely over. I help organisations tell their unique story.

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    NGOs and charities

    Standing out in a crowded space

    Non-for-profits - perhaps more than any other sector - have developed their own unique vocabulary. I tailor comms that connect within the sector and beyond.

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    Politics and public affairs

    The power of persuasion

    As a former Westminster lobbyist, I understand the communications challenges that politicians - and those seeking to influence them - face.

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    Culture and sport

    Changing communication demands

    Cultural spaces are becoming ever more international. I help organisations connect with visitors and supporters through original and engaging content.


  • Opinion.

    My recommendations, rants and ruminations

    With the not so super, European Super League facing collapse days after it was announced, what...
    August 17, 2020
    Public speaking remains a mysterious and mercurial skill to many leaders and not just those in...
  • Let's talk.

    Would you like to know more about how I can support you and your team?

    If so, then please drop me an email or give me a call to discuss further.